AA Mirror Apk Latest 2022 [Fully Unlocked] For Android

The AA Mirror Apk enables you to view any Android app while using Android Auto, such as YouTube videos and Netflix movies You can use the touch screen in your car to control any Android Auto-compatible app on your device. Through AA Mirror, any app can now be played without using Mirror Link technology.

With Android Auto Mirror, you can take your apps with you on the road

Some apps should obviously not be used while driving, but this app allows mirroring of your mobile device with your car. Since Android Auto 3.x, you cannot install files from unknown sources, so you need a previous version.

Featured in AA Mirror Apk

Mirror for Android Auto offers the following features and functions upon acceptance of the required permissions:

  • Mirroring the full screen.
  • Multitouch support is available.
  • Orientation and brightness control.
  • You can adjust Android Auto’s brightness and size to suit your screen.
  • Gesture control for applications.

In If you cannot wait for long periods of time, you might want to watch a Netflix film or a favorite YouTube video similar, for example. If you want to do this, you should do it while you’re parked.


Can this application be installed and used safely?

This application is both safe and secure. Reviews of the application are also quite positive.

Can I download this application for free?

Installation and use of this application are free.


This was the case with the development of Android. The technology does not apply to all mobile devices. There are hundreds of gadgets you can install Android on. And the compatibility of those gadgets is another great feature. You will surely love installing this application onto your car’s system once you have done so. This is because previous users have given it good and reliable reviews. This is why you can feel confident about this application being safe

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