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Most of the users of Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk live in Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Namibia, Uganda, and Lebanon lot of other countries. Basically, it is a modified version of Whatsapp. Nearly fifty thousand searches have been conducted from different countries.

Various features are available in this app, such as changing the background color, app icon, themes, and wallpapers. Our article will show you how to get the latest version of the app for Android users.

How does Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk

The version of WhatsApp that Bluewaplus is is different from the regular WhatsApp. A different version is available, and it is called Whatsapp plus blue. Most of these versions offer the same features to the users, but it is not possible to use two similar apps on the same device.

       Highlights Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk

  • App users can customize the logo and icon of the app
  • Choose different background for each conversation
  • Instant access to chat with one click
  • There will be no pop-up ads
  • You can block video calls
  • Stop receiving unknown calls
  • Make a call even if you don’t have the number saved in your contact list
  • The ability to store unlimited data
  • You can enable or disable automatic media downloads
  • The home screen setting for quick access
  • Supports over three languages
  • Color: Blue by default
  • Change your name to Blue Whatsapp
  • Setting that is universal
  • Type and record statuses should be hidden
  • The site loads quickly
  • Sending media files to someone is limitless
  • Images of the best quality
  • You can set the ringtones of your choice for notifications
  • You can change the default incoming call ringtone
  • User experience that is better
  • The automatic trimming of videos
  • WhatsApp allows you to upload long videos as a status unlike regular WhatsApp
  • If you want your status hidden, you can do so
  • You can’t see what others are doing
  • Message more than one contact at the same time
  • By default, the conversation is protected by a lock
  • Vpn integrated into the system

There is a blue version of WhatsApp for iPhone

Unfortunately, there is no direct method of installing the app on iOS devices. You’ll have to take action if you want to obtain it Try an app like GM Whatsapp that provides the same features.

Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk Theme

Loved themes: In the Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk user can download the themes for its interface. Furthermore, for all friends, you can set different themes and chat backgrounds.

Installation and download of Bluewaplus

The apk file can be downloaded and installed on any Android device as follows.

  • WhatsApp official app should be uninstalled
  • Allow untrusted sources for apps
  • This new Apk file can be downloaded from here
  • The apk file must be installed
  • Make sure no field is left blank
  • There is a ready-to-use app

Requirements to install:

  • You should have the Apk file
  • Wifi connection
  • Minimum 4.0 android version categories


This app Blue WhatsApp Plus Apk is an information-sharing application about technology etc. as well as updates from app such as wa etc. with an attractive display theme. Also added updates from the transparent theme, wa blue, cool ig theme, cool wa theme, and girly and others


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