Crypto Tab Browser Lite Pro APK Latest 2023 [Get Free Bitcoin]


CryptoTab Lite is a special version of the CryptoTab Browser, for everyone who wants to use all CryptoTab services directly on Android device.
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The users of Crypto Tab Browser Lite Pro APK can accumulate bitcoins online throughout the world. You can use it for other things as well as being the first browser with mining capability. Mining algorithms are also included by default. Thus, they can browse the internet, play games, or watch videos with their friends, thus increasing their bitcoin income. Like any normal browser, it works similarly. You can add bookmarks, check the history of searches, and create favorites lists. There is the possibility to open several tabs at once.

Additionally, switching from one browser to another without losing existing data is another benefit. The new browser feature makes it easier for users to collect bitcoins more quickly. In addition, each user can transfer bitcoins on a daily basis without limit. The service does not charge commission. Since the funds are transferred directly into users’ bank accounts, this feature enables users to fully protect their earnings. CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk is also a favorite app today due to its simplicity because it does not impose any restrictions on its users. The browser has created a safe browsing experience for its users, allowing them to feel more secure while surfing the Web.

Crypto Tab Browser Lite Pro APK 2021

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Features of Crypto Tab Browser Lite Pro APK 

You can mine while you browse

Until now, no public browser has offered mining functionality. Mining involves using computers to keep track of data. People who use it call it mining.

Generating bitcoin

CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk allows users to generate bitcoins that can be exchanged with other currencies, products, and services online. A group of anonymous individuals invented Bitcoin in 2008 under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. A bitcoin is created through mining.

Transfer of Bitcoin

Users can transfer any amount of bitcoins. These transfers don’t have a minimum amount. No restrictions apply.


Using CryptoTab Browser, users can mine bitcoins more efficiently and accumulate bitcoins faster.

Optimum battery performance

It is also possible to extend the time between charges for the battery, allowing it to stay charged for longer.

There is no commission

Users are not charged a commission for using the application. As a result, they keep all their earnings.

This is a multiplier for speed

This feature allows users to collect cryptocurrency more quickly with a speed multiplier built-in to the browser.

Use of the Internet

In order to use the application or to use a public wifi network that is secure, users must have a good internet connection.

Diverse profiles

Profiles can be easily customized to fit the needs of individual users. Thus, their venture into internet marketing can expand.

Operated with one hand

With this application, users can access their settings without holding their phones or using their fingers by moving the top of their screen to the bottom. In addition, users can squeeze the keyboard depending on whether they wish to type with one hand or two.

Using SDP

Crypto tab browser will not cause battery drain because mining takes place on the server.

It is easily accessible

For users, Crypto Tab offers a quick access feature that allows them to store and withdraw cryptocurrency directly from their accounts.

Web browser

This app includes an in-built browser that for all intents and purposes behaves like a regular browser. Bookmarks, user search or watch history, and favorite entries can all be managed with ease. It allows users to access multiple tabs at once and switch between them without losing data.

Round-the-clock service

Even though it’s free, Crypto Tab offers 24/7 watching and great speed.

User-friendly interface

This browser app for Android has a simple design that makes it easy for users to navigate from one category to another with no problem at all.

No interruptions or limitations

With CryptoTab Browser Pro Apk, users can stream uninterrupted with its browser feature.

It takes up less space

Due to the low volume of data it gathers, users do not need to worry about their storage capacity.

Update systems automatically

Its constant updates make it even more appealing.

You can download it for free

A freemium version is available as well, which does not require any types of registration or subscriptions.

Discreet and protected

Keeping user data privacy is a major concern. All data is kept confidential.


For new users, a step-by-step guide is provided to assist them in getting familiar with how the software works.

This is the premium edition

It costs a small amount to upgrade to its premium version. Users spend more time using this version because there are no advertisements.

Providing support for customers

In case users have any questions regarding it, they can contact active customer service. Contacting the company can be done via the official website, via email, or via social media.

Crypto Tab Browser Lite Pro APK 2021


How safe is it for the Android system?

Yes! APKs are risk-free to download.

The application is easy to use, isn’t it?

You bet! The interface is very user-friendly. Following these steps, any beginner can easily use Crypto Tab Browser Lite Pro APK 


For people who want to make money while they sit at home, this is a great application. You can earn bitcoins while browsing the internet using the browser. With these bitcoins earned by using CryptoTab Browser lite Pro Apk, users can purchase various services. Users only have to pay a small amount to take advantage of CryptoTab Browser lite Pro Apk’s amazing features.


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