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It is the most popular version of WhatsApp Plus to use the Blue theme. Due to its many additional features and the blue color and style of WhatsApp, the blue WhatsApp messenger is very popular. From the best features of Cyber WhatsApp to how to download the new version of Cyber WhatsApp, this article will provide you with everything you need to know about the new blue WhatsApp app.

What is Cyber WhatsApp 2022?

It is a modified version of the original Whatsapp that works with it without any problems; it is unique because of the blue theme. Additionally, you can download view-once media, prevent your messages from being deleted, and hide your online status with blueWAPlus.

Features Of CyberWhatsApp

  • Changing the color of blue WhatsApp plus is possible. Using the Internet in WhatsApp can be stopped, but you can continue using it in other applications.
  • Sending high-quality photos is possible.
  • Chat conversations can be hidden with a password, and if the person you’re talking to deletes a message, the message remains on your end.
  • Group descriptions appear inside chat windows.
  • If someone makes a lot of calls, you can disable voice calls for him without blocking him.
  • Your contacts or groups can send messages to a chat bot using Blue WhatsApp plus.
  • It is possible to schedule messages, such as birthday messages.
  • More than one WhatsApp number can be run simultaneously. You can also use the official app.
  • If your contacts are online, you can see their status…
  • Using your video status, you can send large videos to your friends.

Cyber Whatsapp 9.29

  • When you attempt to enter a conversation with some people, or when searching for one of them, the application will stop. Re-download the update.
  • You can download it here.
  • We are always working to make the app better.
  • We appreciate your patience.

Cyber Whatsapp 9.27

  • Captioning feature for media (image/video)
  • Possibility to use Emoji for profile photos or set “Search Web”
  • for reactions (long press any message)
  • Recording voice notes can be paused and resumed
  • Last Seen and Profile Photo privacy settings have been changed (except for contacts)
  • Fake antivirus/antimalware reports have been removed
  • and the blue microphone icon has been fixed
  • in the video call confirmation
  • mute indicator in WAMOD rows

Cyber Whatsapp 9.25

  • Media captioning (image/video)
  • The ability to use an Emoji for the profile photo or to set “Search Web”
  • responses (long-press a message).
  • The ability to pause and resume recording voice notes.
  • Last Seen and Profile Photo privacy options (except contacts).
  • Malware detections that are false (except contacts).
  • On the home screen, there is an issue with the blue microphone icon.

Hawa WhatsApp

King Whatsapp

CyberWhatsapp 9.21

  • Translations within the app
  • It is possible to switch translation modes between within the app and within the GTranslate app (PlusMods > Conversation Screen > Translation Option)
  • View All Messages displays the total number of messages in the
  • View All Messages features a scroll bar to scroll from bottom (newest) to top (oldest) of the list
  • Delete Old Backups now deletes all old backups. This saves space. Click on the PlusMods > Universal menu and select Backup And Restore > Clear.
  • In-app translation for TamilTranslation for some options

CyberWhatsapp 9.11

  • Updated FMMods > Home Screen > Status > 5-minute status
  • Send exclusive messages to many groups/chats
  • Images/Videos can now be sent using the Mass Messenger!
  • Once it’s turned off, it opens randomly
  • to the color of the Contact Name, not taking into account status and calls.
  • Calls icon not shown in white themes.
  • View Once” doesn’t load when “mark as opened.”

Cyber Whatsapp 9.05

  • View Once Images / Videos are now available for download
  • (Click on a contact’s name to view all messages sent by that contact)
  • Online color change added to PlusMods> Home Screen> Rows
  • Archived chat no longer displayed in group tab


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