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There are many custom versions of Whatsapp throughout the world, including GBWhatsApp pro, which is widely used. You can’t see any extra features in the original Whatsapp. That’s why people use this app so much.

You might have friends who read your messages even if you delete them. It is possible that the message ticks remain grey while your messages are being replied to. I’m sure you’re wondering how they’re responding without the blue ticks and without the hide last seen. It is not difficult to accomplish all of these things. Your friend is just using a version of WhatsApp that is in GB format. 

What is GBWhatsapp App?

In its full form, GBWhatsapp is called “Gigabyte Whatsapp”. The original version is contained in this version. Gamers know that we install original games’ apps. It comes with many new features and functions that were not present in the original version.

Furthermore, the app offers many additional features not available in other apps, such as WhatsApp Gold, NSWhatsApp, and AZWhatsApp. It’s easier to chat with them and you have more control over your privacy. This version of WhatsApp is favored by those seeking more features than standard WhatsApp. The application is available in multiple languages.

With GBWhatsapp, you can read deleted messages, see more themes, freeze your last scene, and much more. You can install it easily on an Android phone.l. Later in this article, we will discuss a few methods.

We will learn what makes it unique from a typical one. Furthermore, we’ll examine its advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss whether you should download the app at the end.

Features and Benefits:

We begin by discussing what the different options are for you here in our article. You will discover all the benefits of enhancing your app’s control in this section. There are a number of advantages:

  • The app enables you to save any story to your device.
  • Copying the message can be done while hiding the date and name.
  • As well, you can see on your home screen who is online.
  • If the forwarding tag is hidden after forwarding, you can hide it in GBWA.
  • Any chat can be customized at any time with different themes and fonts.
  • Instead of asking for root access, the new version doesn’t.
  • Sending high-resolution images is easy with this app.
  • Using this app offers the advantage of being able to read a deleted message. In this way, even if your friend deletes their message before you do, you can still read it. GB Stores the messages on its servers, even if the sender deletes them from Whatsapp’s official servers.someone deletes the media sent to you, it will remain there for as long as you wish.
  • You can send larger media files at once. In general, WhatsApp allows up to 25 MBs for different types of files. If you have the GB version, you can send larger files without issue. It is impossible to predict how large your files will be. This is because the file size changes with each update.
  • It is possible to send a number of files at once. You can send up to 90 files at once in the current version. It varies slightly, however, with new updates.
  • Using this app comes with a feature that prevents you from being banned from WhatsApp groups. You cannot be banned from any group once you fight with your friends.
  • Pro users have the ability to password-protect specific chats.
  • This version allows you to block specific contacts from making calls. You cannot be reached by anyone who calls you once you block him in the older version. Upon being blocked, your friend may even start a fight with you again. This tool allows you to block an incoming call without blocking that person. In this case, they will think that there is a network problem and be unable to call you. Blocking them won’t be known to them.
  • In terms of common features, it makes it possible to see a person’s status without the other person knowing it. So, you can stalk someone and watch all their statuses without them realizing it. This option can even be set for a specific person or group of people. So, some people know when you see their status, but others will not.

Advantages of the App:

Built-in Themes:

Your app can be customized at any time. The way you want it to be set is up to you. The built-in themes are many, and you can choose one from them.

Multiple Icons:

WhatsApp is able to change its icon with the GBWA. As a result, you can choose any icon instead of the default.

Hide Chat:

It has the option of hiding chats as well.

Dual Whatsapp:

One phone number can be used for more than one WhatsApp account. You can therefore activate up to 100 WhatsApp at once.

Video Status Limit:

GBWA allows users to upload video statuses up to 30 seconds long. Original Whatsapp has a 30 second limit.

Anti-revoke Feature:

The anti-revoke feature prevents the sender from deleting sent messages when enabled.

Hide Blue and Double Ticks:

In addition, you can even hide blue ticks or double ticks. Hence, your friend will not know you have seen their message. An extra layer of privacy is provided by this feature.

Iced Last Seen:

A popular feature is frozen last seen, which everyone enjoys. The most common feature is this. It is most often used by beginning users that app just for this feature. By freezing your last seen you can simultaneously use the app and use your last seen. Suppose you freeze yourself at 5 p.m. your last seen. Now, you can use WhatsApp as long as you wish, and your friends will think you are offline from 2pm onwards. Whenever you access your WhatsApp from the web, the last seen displays.

Hide Recording Audio:

During a recording, you can also choose to hide the “recording audio” message. This way, no one can hear how you record audio.

Hide Blue Color:

A great feature is that you can even hide the blue color on the audio message. Once we hear audio, the gray color changes to blue. Nonetheless, when you turn this option on, the audio bar remains gray no matter what.

Privacy Protection:

Whatsapp can be password-protected, as well as individual chats, as well as your entire app. Thus, you are able to be more in control of your inbox messages and privacy.

Inbuilt Message Scheduler:

Messages can also be scheduled for a certain time. In these cases, you could simply schedule the birthday wish to be sent the day you suspect you will be out of coverage at midnight if you do not want to miss your loved one’s birthday. At that time, your message will be received by your loved one. You’re going to love it.

Show Always Online Status:

Staying online is another effective strategy. When your boss demands that you remain online at a certain time, this option will be useful. All you have to do is keep your App running. The battery will be drained more, but it proves effective in critical situations.

Watch Media without Downloading:

One of the most common options lets you watch media without requiring a download. Web users of WhatsApp will be familiar with how useful this feature is. With it, you can choose whether to download every media and view a preview of it beforehand. With this, you are more in control of what you download and what media you keep safe on your mobile device.

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GBWhatsApp vs Original WhatsApp:

What makes it different from a normal version, is the first question that people ask. Its latest or old version is frequently downloaded, even if it isn’t officially available. It must then have some major benefits. These are the features that are unavailable in WhatsApp original, and this is what makes people search for apps like these.

The difference is primarily in the features that you get from this version. As well as customization of privacy, layout, themes, settings, and other key features, it offers other features as well. The application works the same as the original WhatsApp app. Any messages you send through this app are sent directly to any official WhatsApp account without any problems.

The latest fonts and themes are also available on this site. WhatsApp comes in several different versions. In terms of functions and extent, they are each different offer you different options. So, this is for anyone who wants more features and customizing options for their original app. Since official restrictions can never give you the same features as the original version, these support services are available to help you anytime.


The cons of using GB WhatsApp are relatively few compared to the pros. To the point and short, please. There are people who are scared to install any app from their original versions. These people will find this section very helpful. You must know the possible cons of installing an app in addition to the original app before you install it.

Privacy Risk?

There is always a threat to your privacy involved, which is a major concern. The original version’s developer is known. The person responsible for any security breach is always known to us. WhatsApp is run by a trusted team of a small size. To keep their servers safe, they use the latest technology.

Will Whatsapp ban me?

According to my opinion, the ban on your WhatsApp account should be a cause for concern. Until you download official WhatsApp, you will not be able to use WhatsApp further. The company will block your number and won’t allow other apps to receive your messages.

There have only been two instances of this issue. It happened in 2015 and again in 2019 when the app blocked a lot of versions. Your frustration could lead to huge problems where you have no way out. As a result, you must be prepared to get banned if you use this app.

Your best strategy will be to keep your application updated as soon as a new update is released. With the new version, you’ll always be protected against bans.

Installation Guide:

This app is not available on the Google Play Store or on the App Store, as we all know. Here is a link for Downloading the apk file current version for Android, PC, and iPhone. You can download the file to your mobile by clicking the download button.

How can I install GBWhatsApp on Android without losing data and chats?

  • Our guide has been broken down into steps. Follow these steps
  • First, go to the mobile app settings, then to security settings, then to unknown resources.
  • You can find the apk file in the download folder of your device’s My files folder. Simply click on it to begin installing the app.
  • Installing will begin in step three. You’ll see a message after the app is installed on your device letting you know that it was successfully installed.
  • You’ll now need to open the app and enter your cellphone number to create your account.
  • Back up your data if it is possible to do so locally or via the drive. GB WhatsApp messenger is available once your number has been verified.

How to Update GB WhatsApp?

The process of updating your app is not very straightforward. We know that by clicking the option “update,” all of our apps will be updated. These apps are integrated into the system, and their updates are provided automatically.

With the GB WhatsApp app, however, this isn’t the case. App stores do not have any official versions of it so you cannot find it there. Users of GB must seek out the latest updates on their own. The software should also be downloaded from third-party sites every time an update is released. Downloading things from these sites can therefore result in a virus attack.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where can I download this version?

The steps you have to follow when you are downloading the app are outlined in the following. Our website includes a download button, which you can use to get started.

Is it safe?

Generally speaking, it is safe as long as you’re not extremely unlucky. Sometimes there may be some privacy breaches while other times you may be banned from official W applications. It has been used for years without incident by thousands of people. You can therefore trust them.

Is it banned?

There is no ban on its use, and it is not illegal. Android apk files can be downloaded and installed at any time on Google. Despite this, it can’t be hosted on the play store or the App store due to legal issues.

What is the reason for this app’s ban?

The app offers some features to its users. The app knows that its users will always use the same features and not search for more. The does not like third-party apps for more features. Using this app is like cheating users of the official app, and will ban anyone caught using it

Is it possible to use WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp?

The most common question we are asked is: can the and GB be used simultaneously? It is desired to have work on more than one number. This app is built differently, so you can use both simultaneously. Using more than one app with the same number is not allowed.

Can I have multiple accounts on GB Version?

If you download the GB Version, your first thought is: am I allowed to use multiple accounts on this version? only allows users to install it once since it can only be installed on one device at a time. In the app, there can only be one account per user, and multiple accounts cannot be used on one device.

Third-party mirror apps help users with multiple accounts. Mirror accounts have other issues, however. They have difficulty locating their storage as well.

Fortunately, the GB WhatsApp app does not have any account limits. It’s not a problem to have as many accounts as you want on a All that on one mobile phone with different numbers. You are thus without limits. The only thing you need to do is install different versions of the same app. The files in each version will contain separate data for each account.

Is this the best version to use?

A customized version of WhatsApp has many benefits and drawbacks, as we outlined in our discussion. Utilizing this app has many benefits. We have also listed some of the cons.

It is the best choice for those who require all the features of the original app and are willing to risk using them on the GB WhatsApp app. In contrast, if you enjoy keeping things safe, it is not advisable for you.

A few precautions will prevent you from being banned. Even if you use the app you’ve customized, you’ll be safe if you do all of those.

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