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It is similar to Adam WhatsApp, but this version has two editions. The red one is the common one, and the purple one is the special one. If we want to compare Hawa WhatsApp vs. Adam WhatsApp, they are both the same.

What is Hawa WhatsApp 2022?

A modified version of Official WhatsApp by an Arab developer included many new features not found on WhatsApp. This app was very popular among the girls because of how it was designed.

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Hawa WhatsApp 2022

Hawa WhatsApp Anti-Ban

Many copies of WhatsApp plus have been banned since a few months ago, and not many have been fixed yet, but both Adam and Hawa versions are anti-ban, which means you can download and use any copy

Is there anything new in the latest version?

  • A message will be sent to every group at once.
  • Group and individual chats should be separated.
  • In dark mode.
  • Enhance the mentions in the groups.
  • You can add moving stickers.
  • The floating button now has a new style.
  • All deleted messages must be included in the same list.

Features of Hawa WhatsApp

  1. Save WhatsApp statuses.
  2. Hide WhatsApp status from being seen.
  3. Hide your online status and last seen.
  4. Put a pin or pattern on WhatsApp, or use your fingerprint to lock it.
  5. Only allow access to WhatsApp Adam.
  6. Ensure that messages from friends are not deleted.

What’s New In the Latest Version?

  • All groups will receive a message at once.
  • Group chats will be separated from single chats.
  • Use the dark mode.
  • Make mentions in groups more visible.
  • Display moving stickers.
  • Redesign floating buttons.
  • Sort deleted messages by date.

How To Install Hawa WhatsApp?

Since this app is not available on the play store, you are already aware of the issue. As a result, you’ll need to download it from Google and install it yourself. The steps are as follows

  • Remove all previous versions of WhatsApp
  • To enable unknown resources, go to mobile settings
  • Install the latest WhatsApp app for hawa
  • To install, click on the apk file
  • Permissions should be allowed for everything
  • Your mobile number will be sent an OTP password once you enter it
  • You will now have to enter the password that you were sent to your cell phone
  • Feel free to enter your name here


Following are the pros described below:

  • This app has a great and useful feature that lets you see the status of your contacts.
  • You can hide yourself online as well as your last seen when you are online
  • The strict privacy policies ensure that your data is protected
  • The WIFI is only disabled for WhatsApp, but an anti-revocation feature is also included


Following are the cons described below:

  • Storage is a big feature of this app
  • Updates cannot be performed directly in the app
  • Currently, the “WhatsApp user change” option does not work appropriately
  • Downloading this app can lead to a virus infection


Hawa Whatsapp is the best choice for the girls because of it’s loving stylish features. New features have been added to the latest version of Hawa WhatsApp. This version includes updated features and themes aimed specifically at girls. Download the latest version apk file to explore more new updates.


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