Horse Hotel Mod Apk 2022 Care For Horses Download

Horse Hotel Mod Apk 2022 Care For Horses Download

Run your own Horse Hotel

It’s as if you own a horse ranch when you play Horse Hotel Mod Apk. See to their needs, and play exciting games with them, until they return home happy to their owners. You are responsible for their welfare and health. Your green pastures would be able to accommodate many horses. The health of each horse must be examined. They should be fed, nursed, and played with. When returning them to their owners, make sure they’re given everything they need.

Horse Hotel Mod Apk 2022

Exciting horse game and challenges

A variety of horse breeds awaits you, each with its own individual needs. Look at the file of the horse to find out exactly what it needs. Then you can cater to the horse’s needs to the fullest. Take your horse on an obstacle course if you want to test its endurance. The riding area can be used to build up the horse’s confidence if it lacks confidence. The dressage minigame can help increase the horse’s confidence. All horses need your affection, so don’t forget to feed and pet them!

Horse Riding Tales Mod Apk

Expand your hotel to take in more guests

In the shop, there are many expansions that will allow you to make your horse ranch a luxury hotel with lots of space for horses. Keep in mind, though, that as your hotel grows, you will see your guests becoming more demanding. You can improve your hotel and care for more horses if you earn more coins by completing missions. It’s your duty to keep the stables clean everyday so all the horses have a comfortable stay at your hotel, apart from maintaining the hotel.

❀ Run a luxury hotel for horses

❀ Fun minigames await you

❀ Take care of different breeds of horses

❀ Coin collect, quests to complete, and fortune wheel to spina

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