Last Day On Earth Mod Apk Latest 2022 [Full Unlocked]

This is the Mod Apk Latest Version of Last Day on Earth Survival Mod Apk, the most popular action game for Android, PC and iOS. Get this today! Using this mod you will have Unlimited Money, Crystal, Gems, Ads Free and Unlocked Everything. Now Download The Mod Apk!   Watch Survival Shooter Last Day on Earth, in which you wake up to an apocalyptic world. Enjoy all the thrills and its terror! Hello, and welcome to a world where zombie hordes are as hungry and thirsty as humans. Having read this description, in which I will explain some of the key elements of Last Day on Earth, you can immediately jump into the atmosphere of survival.

Features of Last Day on Earth: Survival

  • Explore the area around your shelter once you’ve created a character: there are many dangerous locations in the area. The resources you gather here can be used to craft everything you’ll need for survival, including houses, clothes, and weapons.
  • As you advance, you’ll gain access to hundreds of useful recipes and blueprints. Learn new skills, modify weapons, and build your house to your liking. Playing is the first step to experiencing the joys of gaming.
  • When the zombie apocalypse strikes, pets serve as a source of love and companionship. Huskies and shepherd dogs will assist you in locating loot in hard-to-reach areas as well as helping you raid new areas.
  • The map’s remote locations can be reached by fast Choppers, ATVs, or motorboats. When it comes to complex blueprints and unique questlines, rare materials aren’t for nothing. Time for the mechanic inside you to come out!
  • Please join us in playing cooperatively in the Crater city. The PvP community will show you exactly how valuable you are. You can play with other players in a clan, and feel the true sense of unity of a pack!
  • It is possible to call you Survivor if you have read this far, since you are armed with cold weapons and firearms that would even make seasoned hardcore gamers jealous. A variety of firearms will be on display, including bats, miniguns, M16s, AK-47s, C4, Mortars, and much more.
  • In addition, there are forests, police stations, haunted farms, ports, and bunkers filled with zombies and raiders. Whenever you encounter them, prepare to fight or flee. Anything is possible!
  • Your story now revolves around survival. I don’t care where you come from, who you are, or what you once were. You’re in for the worst…

   Features of the mod:

  • Cheats latest
  • Changing the menu
  • Using bunker alpha code
  • Version newest
  • Ready for a helicopter

The Last Day on Earth Survival: How to Download and Install?

  • From the download button above, you can get the apk file
  • The apk file must be installed
  • You can save the file to your device
  • Once the file has been downloaded, click twice on it
  • Open the apk file after it has been installed.


In the rapidly changing gaming landscape, survival games have evolved into a new genre, since this game offers almost everything. Survival games include fighting zombies, making strategies to survive, saving hostelers, finding resources and other tasks. In Last Day on Earth, you’ll almost find everything you’re looking for. We have created this Last Day on Earth MOD APK and Its OBB Data instead of the official Last Day on Earth APK available from play store. Thanks for playing our MOD. Any problems you encounter while installing the game can be solved as soon as possible by commenting below so our team can assist you.

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