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Royal Whatsapp is the latest version of the WhatsApp for user with advance features.
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Royal WhatsApp
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Each Internet messaging service has one purpose, which is to increase the number of users. WhatsApp holds the top position in this popularity race. More than one billion people access it daily. However, developers aim to produce a better version of WhatsApp due to the demand for extra features. It may be familiar to you what YoWhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, and OB WhatsApp are. A good version of WhatsApp similar to these is Royal WhatsApp.

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Royal WhatsApp Features

It has all the same features as the original App. Nevertheless, we will reveal all the exclusives to you.

Expedient execution

The original App runs faster than the modern version. This gives you a stable, clean, and fast service.

Enhancements to privacy

With this version, privacy is improved. Keeping ticks, bubbles, and seeing status hidden is the best way to remain private. Additionally, you can adjust the level of privacy in group chats and for specific contacts.


The original app only lets you send a few types of data. This causes you to be unable to transfer specific files. The program lets you transfer any kind of file. It’s never been easier to work with files of any format.

 Limits on characters increased

Statuses in the original App were limited to 144 characters. It has 255 characters, however. By doing so, you’ll be able to say more than usual.


The options have been updated with new emoji. In addition, you can delete recently used emojis.


Zooming the profile image of contact is possible.

Royal WhatsApp Installation Guide

You need to follow the steps for installation.

  • APK files must be downloaded from third-party sites. Google will give you plenty of results.
  • Now, go to the settings of your mobile device and enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • You have now installed the APK file.
  • Several minutes are needed to complete.
  • After installation, launch the app and verify your number.
  • Enjoy the App now.


In our description of the App, we have detailed its features and installation process. Now, you must follow the steps and install the application. Instant messaging with more options will be available to you. Good luck to you today.

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