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Users of PUBG Mobile can hack the new season using Sameer Virtual GL (Global), a free Android application. The application has multi-account support for any gaming needs that you might have. This simple app lets you copy any app or game running on the Android operating system.

Sameer Virtual GL Apk 2022

As it is lite, this application is the best virtual Android application. With this application, you can also cheat in PUBG Mobile. By its name GL, this app primarily provides hackers with a way to hack into PUBG Global. The second account (guest account) created by Sameer Virtual allows you to hack PUBG without having your account banned. When it comes to online gaming, PUBGM and Lite are the top two games. Every day, billions of people all over the world play this game for fun and joy. As the game develops, users can expect regular updates to keep them entertained.

A smooth and simple hack for PUBG Global latest edition is available. However, you need to download a hacking app in order to use it. It is not possible for officials to track you for illegal hacking activities by using this app. Also, you can copy games and apps from your device to your computer. Multi-account management is also possible. What’s better, you can switch between accounts without any interruption.

How Do I set up Sameer Virtual Apk (Global)?

Clicking on the link above will allow you to download this file. You can switch accounts without any on/off. Download the file to your preferred device and begin running the virtual machine. After you have cloned the global PUBG app, you will need to clone the hacking app as well. The virtualization program needs to be started and run in the background to complete the installation process. You must also allow the device some permissions in order to print. Having permissions allows you to access unlimited cheats and hacks without being automatically or permanently banned from PUBGM.

Sameer Virtual GL Apk Features:

There are many features in the application, but I will list only a few. It has many features in it; I’m just listing some of the best.

  • It is free to download and install, and there is no advertising.
  • With just one click, you can copy any game or app.
  • Using hacks and cheats should be possible on a secure port.
  • It will be possible to create virtual identities.
  • Hide IP addresses, locations, and other relevant information.

How to Downoad & Install Sameer Virtual GL Apk For Android  OS?

  • The setting “unknown source” can be found on the device settings.
  • If you find it, enable it.
  • You can close it by clicking the settings tab.
  • File manager provides access to the download folder.
  • Using the APK file, you can install the application.
  • The text (icon) will be installed when you click the next button.
  • Now that the app is open, you can enjoy its benefits.


Is Sameer Arora Virtual safe for use on Android?

According to the application’s designers, it is completely safe to use and circumvents all security loopholes. Due to the third-party application, we are unable to guarantee or protect the data. It is up to you, however.

Is it legal to use this application?

There are both legal and illegal uses for the application. It is ultimately up to you how you wish to utilize it. Game hackers and gamers can use it to clone apps and games. This should never be done illegally.

The APK file is where can I find it?

Downloading APK files is easy. For an easy one-click installation, click the download button above. You need not be concerned since the file has been thoroughly tested and is safe for use.

Play Store apps related to this app aren’t available there.


The Sameer Virtual GL application can be used to clone all kinds of applications, games, including PUBG and other battle royale games. The word law is used in the circle of law, but it depends on how you view it. We’d love to hear what you think of this app in the comments.

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