SAWhatsApp Apk 2022 Latest version Download (Official)

SAWhatsApp Apk 2022 Latest version Download

In Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, and Morocco, SAWhatsapp Apk 2021 has become viral. This is one of many Whatsapp versions out there, as you are aware. Its flaws are part of the reason users love WhatsApp despite its status as a leading communication app. We are now going to go over how to download the latest version of the app. A developer from the Arab world developed SAWhatsApp, a modified version of WhatsApp. In addition to adding numerous advanced features to the app, he added many others that were not there before. The apk file for this app is not available on the Google Play Store, but you can download the latest version from different trusted websites. It’s the latest version.

Both versions of SAWhatsApp are popular. The first is known as the Golden version, and the second is known as the Pink version. It is the same in both versions, and there are no differences in functionality between them. Alternatively, if you need features that are more advanced, you can buy an alternative version. As well as changing privacy settings, the app also allows you to choose different notification tones and backgrounds. With no need to use any other application, you can control everything within the app yourself. Beware of using two apps together with the same mobile number simultaneously on a single device. This may cause you problems.

SAWhatsApp Apk

 Features of  SAWhatsApp Apk

Size of the tiny file:

SAWhatsApp Apk is far smaller than other customized versions and does not take up a lot of space when you install it and download it.

Cached data can be deleted:

Caches are huge problems in every app, and if they are not cleaned regularly, they can reduce the performance of the app. To make the user experience better, it allows you to clear the media and theme cache. Besides clearing the cache, you should clear the chat history as well.

Video/image settings:

If you share a video with any person, you can set a maximum video size limit. Up to 50 MB can be uploaded. The size limit is not set in the original version.

Notify me when audio is playing:

Playing voice notes and audio files through the app removes intrusive notifications.

A high-resolution image:

You can also send pictures with their original height and width with the app, which is another great feature.

Turn on DND mode:

Like other versions of SAWhatsApp, SAWhatsApp also offers a DND mode feature. In addition to stopping notifications on the app, this feature also allows you to access the internet.

Contacts unknown:

Any unknown number can be called without saving his contact information. Without saving someone’s mobile number, the official app cannot be used to call them.

Call as a group:

Using this feature in the official app is possible, but there is a limit to how many members can be added to a group. Using this app, you can hold a video or voice conference with up to eight people.

Here’s how to download it?

  • The current apk file for the apk can be downloaded by clicking the download button
  • Old versions need to be uninstalled
  • Setting unknown resources to allow
  • To install, click on the apk file
  • Providing your name and completing the remaining steps


WhatsApp is free of charge, right?

There is no charge to download it.

How do I download the SawhatsApp App for mobile?

When you click on the mentioned link above, it will automatically start the installation.


All these features make this WhatsApp one of the most popular SAWhatsapp Apk with a whole host of new features and features adopted by other WhatsApp.Downloading this version of WhatsApp will surely make you addicted to its features.

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