Relief Scholarship Program for COVID-19 offered by ApkHandy

It is no secret that the year 2020 was a very challenging one for everyone around the world owing to pandemics. Almost every country’s economy has been severely damaged. COVID-19 also impacted the education department

In response to the losses in the last year, we at have decided to offer scholarships to bright and competitive students. To the top three students, we are offering $10,000. Scholarship candidates will be checked and the top three students will be chosen.

Scholarship Requirements

  1. A student must be enrolled at an accredited college or university as a full-time student.No GPA/CGPA requirements are required.
  2. Must submit a transcript from a college or university.
  3. You must write an article of 1000 words on the topic ‘How COVID-19 affected the world’ and submit it with
  4. your name and surname to [email protected] Send it from your present .edu email address


The deadline to apply is 25 NOV 2021.

Winners will be announced on 10 DEC 2021.

   Terms and Conditions

  • “Students that wish to apply for the apkHandy COVID-19 Relief Scholarships should use their primary .edu email address to contact the financial aid office.”
  • A member of the apkHandy team will review the essays for creativity and writing ability.
  • Articles must be original with original content (no copying and pasting).
  • As soon as possible, ApkHandy will phone and email the $10,000 scholarship winner.
  • After the winners have been selected, enrollment and qualification criteria will be confirmed.
  • If the original applicant becomes ineligible at the time of the award ceremony, the next runner-up will receive the prize.


We require at least five applicants to be eligible for this scholarship. It is possible that we will not have 5 participants, furthermore, entries will still be considered for the next campaign.

Privacy Policy

We will protect the privacy of applicants by not disclosing any information about them. We will add all applicant information to our record and disclose it.

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