Specimen Zero Mod Menu Apk 2022 Latest Free For Android

Like a horror film, it allows gamers to explore hidden and mysterious places. We will suggest you an easier and better version of the original game if you are a fan of this type of game. Download the Specimen Zero Mod Menu Apk for Android. Additionally, it comes in small size and has premium features. Now, let’s look at those features closely. The Mod Menu of Specimen Zero has everything unlocked, essential to winning. There is great flexibility with Skills for Player, Pro Weapons, Moves & Fun, etc. This menu lets players kill devils and monsters easily. Consequently, it increases the player’s chances of survival in dark places. We have given you free access to our given mod game if you have played this game but have failed. Get your friends together and win as easily as a child. Pass the levels until you eliminate all the ugly creatures.

Specimen Zero Mod Menu Apk

The Specimen Zero Mod Menu Apk offers the following features

Finally, I think the MOD is excellent. Similar to the Official Game in terms of graphics and gameplay, characters and skins, buildings and enemies, and sounds. So you will progress through the previous story undergoing preparations. Use your intelligence and tricks and find the exit. This edition offers a few Mod Menus.

  • Menu of Players
  • This is the weapons menu
  • Menu of Moves
  • Menus to enjoy
  • A menu of passives
  • The social menu

Browse these 06 groups to find the right cheats for your game. You can find dozens of features within these categories. Here we list the most dominant ones.

  • Mode of the True God
  • False Hide
  • Please give all keys
  • Provide all equipment
  • Open all the doors
  • Password for bypassing the door
  • Battery & Torch
  • (0-30) Player Speed
  • Killing with a single shot
  • Increase the range of fire
  • Ammo unlimited
  • The Telekill
  • Dimensions of the player
  • Unlock everything
  • Items Hidden Are Visible
  • Levels of complexity
  • It is free to use
  • In-game purchases are not allowed
  • Passwords are not required, no ads

How do you install & use Specimen Zero Mod Menu Apk ?

  • The Mod Menu can be downloaded via the download link above.
  • Open the Security Settings on your device. Turn on Unknown Sources.
  • It can now be easily installed.
  • Give the game the permissions it asks for when you open it.
  • You can also enable or disable the cheats during the game by using the floating icon. Enjoy the game & complete all the levels with ease.


The story of Specimen Zero is filled with challenges & horrors throughout. As a result, you could be killed at any time without hearing a thing. You also need a torch to see inside the buildings and their rooms, since they are dark. Specimen Zero Mod Menu APK contains all these features, so download it to get the best experience. The game is small but more valuable than the original. Discover hidden places in the game and find hidden gems. At the end, you will reach the exit.

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