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On this page, click the download link. Free StreamX TV APK is available for download. All you need to do is install it. To install third-party apps, you must go to the Security Settings on your phone.
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About StreamX TV Apk

There are numerous platforms available for entertainment content viewers to view online. Movies, shows, and series are being created at an increased rate. Smartphone users have a variety of appealing choices. StreamX TV apk allows you to watch videos online for free using an Android application. You can enjoy a movie, a live TV channel, a web series, and a TV show at the same time. However, it is Indian.

The majority of services are therefore provided by regions in India. StreamX TV’s original version can be downloaded from this responsive and reasonable website for free if you’re interested in experiencing this diverse & entertaining app. Earlier, our houses only had one TV system. Families watched it together. At that time, television channels and programs were extremely limited.

StreamX TV Apk 2022

Additionally, people went to theaters and cinemas to see live performances. As a result, we all seek ways to entertain ourselves. By doing so, we have the opportunity to learn about the developed world. Perhaps this explains the rise in creative content production in recent years. 

Key Features of StreamX TV App:


  • Movies in Indian
  • Films in English
  • Indian subcontinent
  • Movies in dubbed English

Web Series

  • Hollywood, Bollywood, etc.

TV Channels

  • Sporting channels
  • Movies in Hindi
  • Tamil-language channels
  • Malayalam Television Channels
  • Tamil Channels
  • Channels of Telugu TV, etc.

Content Genres

  • Child
  • Information
  • Listen to music
  • Expertise
  • Entertainment
  • Drama/Film
  • There’s much more

Features of StreamX TV App:

  • App users enjoy this app because of its appealing features. Below is a list of them.
  • Free App
  • A free version of this app is available. The user can download it for free and use it.
  • Diverse Content
  • A majority of genres are now available, and the rest will be available very soon. Hence, it is a fantastic platform.
  • Media Player
  • Likewise, an integrated media player provides a range of options. That is another advantage.
  • Video Quality
  • Additionally, all of the videos can be viewed in high quality. Customers expect this.
  • Easy to Install
  • It can be installed by allowing Unknown Sources. This requires no additional permissions.
  • Simple UI
  • StreamX TV is a small, easy-to-use application that is easy to navigate and small to download.

How to Download & Install StreamX TV Apk

  • You can download our app by clicking on the “Download StreamX TV APK ” button above. When the page opens, the APK file will automatically download Sync your device. You will find the APK file in the “Downloads” section of your browser once it has been downloaded.
  • Ensure that third-party apps are allowed on your device before you install it. The steps are basically the same as below. Open Settings> Security> and enable unknown sources after enabling the unknown source, your phone can install applications other than those from Google Play.
  • Having completed the above step, you can select “Download” in your browser and tap the downloaded file. Afterward, you’ll be prompted to grant permission before completing the installation.
  • After the installation is complete, you can begin using the application.


What are the permissions of Android applications?

Access to certain systems within your device is required by applications. All of the permissions required by an application are listed when the application is installed.

How legal is it to use an apk file?

When APK files are not misused, they are fully authorized apps formats. If you have limited storage on your phone and you want a significant app, then an apk file is your best bet.

Also, a lot of apps are unavailable on the google play store, with the store being banned in some regions, so Apk files are the best option.


On this page, click the download link. Free StreamX TV APK is available for download. All you need to do is install it. To install third-party apps, you must go to the Security Settings on your phone.

Everything has been completed. Your credit card number will not be required. However, there is one disadvantage. There will always be advertisements. The advertisements can easily be skipped. You can enjoy big-screen movies with free apps if you like watching movies from big cinemas. The apps are easy to use, efficient, and convenient.

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