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Talking Rat Apk

Get a hold of the talking rat. A rat responds with a funny voice and reacts to what you say or touch. If you are looking for rat games, Talking Rat is the game you are looking for. Maybe you like rats and want to keep one as a pet, but you can’t because of annoyances in your family or from roommates, or you’re too busy to take care of them. Thanks to Talking Rat, there’s nothing to worry about! Talking Rat Apk 

Rats like to play games with each other. I hope these mice can accompany you to an exciting experience. With Talking Rat, you can enjoy next-generation rat simulation. Your dream to be a rat is finally a reality, no more fantasizing!

Rat will be collected, trained to level up, then sent on quests for exciting in-game rewards! We must make sure that they enjoy mice as much as we do. Feel free to share these mice with your friends, your family, and maybe even your lover.

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Features oF  Talking Rat Apk

  •  Rats will repeat what you say after talking to them.
  • Laugh at mice’s funny voice.
  •  Your friends will love this funny rat picture.
  • Talking rat play
  • To make the rat happy, you should touch him.
  •  The head, belly, and feet of the rat should be poked or slapped.
  •  A variety of mice can be collected, as well as more in the future.
  • Interactive talking rat simulator
  •  Rats can be your friends.
  • The simulation of a rat is animated in a realistic manner.
  •  The rat walk makes you laugh.
  • It is free to play Talking Rat. The Talking Rat would like to accompany you to spend a happy time. You can download now to get started!

    Talking Rat Apk Download for Android 2022 

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