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The story of the Greedy Cave 2 happened after the predecessor. It took 2 years for the original dev team to polish it and bring you a dedicated Roguelike RPG game.
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February 24, 2022
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The Greedy Cave 2 Mod APK 2022

Avalon-Games, the publisher of The Greedy Cave, has been distributing role-playing games, bringing rogue-like gameplay to its games. Soon afterward, the team released a new version that contained even more content and a longer storyline. A mitigate appears again in Greedy Cave 2Mod Apk after its predecessor, and people are once again linked to their fates in the Greedy Cave 2 story. You’ll get powerful equipment and encounter monsters in this mysterious dungeon. Team up with your friends and explore together the Time Gate as you try to solve the mystery!

The Greedy Cave Mod Apk

The Greedy Cave 2 Mod APK

      Features of The Greedy Cave 2 Mod APK

  • Its eerie, stygian, and odd Cthulhu art style makes for a vivid and varied game experience.
  • The loot in dungeons is randomly generated! A new trip awaits you each time!
  • Numerous bosses are ready to challenge you!
  • Each weapon has different skill trees, and your battle strategy depends on them!
  • I like dungeon crawling! Have gathered more than 300 gears!
  • Amount of coins is unlimited
  • Levels Unlocked
  • There are no ads
  • Everything is unlimited
  • Build your own guild, recruit other players, and explore the world in real time!
  • Money that can never run out
  • The full range of premium features has been unlocked


We have attempted to consult all the regional libraries on the Sothoth Continent for historical records, but only a few of them have historical records record a catastrophe long ago, which historians During an accident in which a cave was discovered with treasures, the Gold Rush was born. Groups of adventurers set out with different goals. An unprecedented adventuring fever gave rise to some kingdoms and reduced others to decay and death, changing the global geography. Although the truth was discovered too late, there was no turning back. Heaven and earth lost their colors at the sight of the conspiracy; the gods lost their colors as well as the army of demons that descended from heaven. The Greedy Cave 2 mod apk game is the most entertaining game that anyone can play.

About Story The Greedy Cave 2 Mod APK

When war spread, no one was spared. People were powerless against war. As civilization after civilization was destroyed, the world suffered a heinous toll, which left few survivors. Milton, the name of this continent, almost forgot its name due to the storm that lasted so long. It is easy to remember what happened recently when reading this story. In the time that followed, its sorcerers claimed that through their research they had discovered a world in Basatan, surrounded by mountains and worshipped by magic.

It is a place where time and space merge, and you can see not only old world images, but also creatures that have never been seen before. As they have said previously, I am unable to control this power, so I wonder where you will end up as they have said before. Clearly, such insignificant details cannot stop people from being curious. Today, the second Gold Rush took place as if it were yesterday as adventurers from different kingdoms gathered as if it was yesterday…

How To Downlaod & Install the Game on Android?

  • Your phone must have the apk file
  • The apk file should be installed
  • Ensure that all steps are completed carefully
  • Install the app and open it

 What’s New in the Latest Version of The Greedy Cave 2?

To Unlock deep red purgatory, open the buried forest, complete single customs clearance, then reopen the crypt. As the adventurers advance to the next level, they will be able to experience new difficulties, new bosses, as well as a new level, new equipment, and new pets. In the second level, they can enter gold ore grade 55-60 and library level 01-55. Jian Shun’s vocational skills have been adjusted.

What's new

Solving compatibility issues in some Android 11 models



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