Whatsapp GO Apk 2022 Download Now Latest Version

Whatsapp GO Apk 2022 Download Now Latest Version

Almost everyone nowadays uses social networking sites. However, some of these programs don’t provide you with shocking features. Therefore, I like to download the modified versions of these applications, which have some extra features. Here we will discuss Whatsapp GO Apk, the fully unlocked version of Whatsapp

Whatsapp app lovers love this modified version of Whatsapp. We provide it completely free of charge on our website. Users come from around the world to use it.

Compared to the original version, WhatsApp Go has more features. That’s why users love the modified version. There are no errors on any device. It’s stable and offers great performance. 

Whatsapp GO Apk

Whatsapp GO Apk features:

In comparison to the original version, the mod version offers an extensive list of features. How do these features work? Check them out here:

Modifications to privacy settings:

You won’t have to worry about your privacy anymore with this application. In addition, it gives you some extra privacy options that are not available in the original The latest. Hide your blue tick, double tick, typing, hide the status bar, and hide the last time you were seen.

Limitations on sending: 

Using the original application, you were restricted to sending videos measuring 16 MB in size. However, now the video can be up to 50 MB in this new mod version. What a great improvement! Furthermore, you are able to send up to ten images via Whatsapp in its original form. It is only with Whatsapp GO that you can send up to 90 pictures at once. 


Originally, the application didn’t allow for the user to download status information due to privacy concerns. However, what happens if you want to save a status that you love? Then you should download this app on your smartphone to receive the status directly. 

There are unlimited themes: 

There’s nothing wrong with getting bored with the same theme as the original version. The app offers a huge selection of free themes. Why wait? Try it now and pick a theme that suits you. Along with it, you can customize the text, styles, and fonts in the chat. 

This application provides you with a wide range of features as well. Below is a list of some other essential capabilities:

  • Links on chat screens can be clicked without storing the sender’s or group’s identifiers
  • A message’s name and the date are hidden when copied multiple times.
  • Whatsapp locking, chat locking, and new emojis are available.
  • When a voice message is being played back, you will have the option of choosing whether to hear it one time, 1.5 times, or two times.
  • Copying your friends’ statuses can be done very easily. 
  • Fixed every bug and improved the performance of the software


The official WhatsApp App is the best entertainment android device, GO WhatsApp is a mode apk for the official WhatsApp App. Let’s look at the download options for the WhatsApp Go App.

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